Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I tackled my desk today. Long story short, "the papers" are taking over my life. Whatever is left of my life, since little Matthew Jayden takes over most of it.

But I digress...

In this pile of paper was one piece of paper that Michael and I had jotted down "our plans" for the basement. It was the end of March at the time, and we knew that time was running out before the arrival of our baby, so we thought a time line might help us stay on track.

The plan:
Finish Sheet Rock - April 4th
Taping / Mudding - April 11th
Painting - April 18th
Carpet Installed - Week of April 20th

What happened:
April 7th: Matthew's Birth

... and nothing has been accomplished since!


In reality, many things have been accomplished. My Michael has been a very busy man! For one, he completed Matthew's nursery, and he has also planted our garden. In addition he has cooked many a meal, helped clean up around here, helped take care of Matthew, helped take care of the girls, and helped take care of me. This post IS NOT meant to be taken as nagging... Michael knows (or should know) that I am content with the progress of the basement. I just thought it was funny that we made this wonderful schedule just a few days before Matthew's birth... we had no idea what was in store for us!

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