Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has arrived and along with it all kinds of fun activities like pumpkin carving, dressing up and trick-or-treating for candy, candy, candy.

Here's a (short) pictorial of how we celebrate Halloween at the Castle.

Carving pumpkins is so much fun! The Pink Princess grew her pumpkin at Grandma's house this year.

Yes, even the Queen dresses up for Halloween. I'm the Spider Queen.

Parrot, Death and the Dragon.

The Pink Princess Parrot sitting by her pumpkin. She carved it herself too.

The Purple Dragon sitting beside her pumpkin.

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Monday, October 30, 2006


My Family!

My husband plays the role of 'King Isepik'. Otherwise known as 'Isepik' and 'The King' he is my love, the chief financial provider, and the best tickle monster around.

'The Pink Princess' or 'The Princess' is my oldest daughter, age 6. Tempermental, clever and smart, she brightens our days and nights with the giggliest giggles around.

'The Purple Dragon' or 'The Dragon' is my youngest daughter, age 4. Musically and numerically inclined, one might say she's the happiest kid we know. Oh yes, and she's a tease.

Then, last but certainly not least, there's me... 'Queen Karana' aka 'Karana' or 'The Queen'. I am moody, but loving, and struggling to be the best Mom and Wife I can be... but I think I'm failing. Oh well, tomorrow is only a day away!

Why the changes? Basically, it's something that I've been thinking about doing for a while. How much privacy is really required on the 'net? I met my husband on the 'net, before it became the 'net we know today. I kinda scoff at all the privacy issues that seem to float around. But recently it's been bothering me, and an influx of blogs (like this one) that talk about the dangers of exposing our families on the 'net got me thinking. So, if there's even a 1% chance that changing a lot of information on my blog will help to keep my kids safer, well, I'm gonna do it.

And now you know why my site has been in a state of flux over the past few days. In a few more days I will change it back so that there is more than one post on the first page... just bear with me. I now need to RE-publish all of the changed entries. Ugh.

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Apologies

Supposedly I have one reader who is subscribed to my feed, and I apologize profusely for all the reposts that you are currently getting. I don't know who it is (though I do have my suspicions), but I'm sorry for the mess I am probably causing you!

More details will follow later today (hopefully!).

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear Queen Karana!
Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, October 23, 2006

My Last Day...

of being the sweet old age of... 32. Yes, I'm being honest. I always joke that it's my 29th birthday (again!) but I can also be honest about how old (or young) I really am. So tomorrow is my birthday. I'm pretty sure my Mom is giving me money so I can go shopping (and I think she is going to babysit The Purple Dragon for a few hours), and King Isepik is going to buy me a new blanket... but in reality, I will probably buy it and he will give it to me. Hey, it works for us. The Pink Princess has made something for me - probably something out of paper, miscellaneous plastic pieces and lots of tape. The Purple Dragon will probably draw me a picture. And everyone who is available to attend will show up at our house tomorrow night for cake and ice cream. Yep, we sure know how to celebrate around here. King Isepik's really been a dear asking me what I would like for my birthday -- but I really can't think of anything. There are things that I want (a new computer for one), but financially we can't afford that yet even though the money IS in the bank. It's just not a wise choice. We are hoping for very good news involving a potential raise at the end of the week, and if it comes through, the first thing we are doing is going on vacation. Then we are increasing our savings account and getting out of debt. Then comes things like a new car (potentially), and new computers for both King Isepik and I. But I am counting our chickens before they hatch -- all I really want is for King Isepik to keep this job so that we can survive. Living with my wonderful husband and my two delightful girls, having a roof over our heads and food to eat, and occassionally having a little bit of extra money for something fun is all I really need to be content.

On Friday, I did Round 2 of my 2-week (approx.) shopping adventure. The meal planning was a tiny bit easier, but still took a lot of work. I got most of the shopping done in one trip, but I need to take a trip to Costco today to pick up a few other items. It appears that our needs are running at about $200 each session - that is including all household supplies, and occassionally an unnecessary item or two. I don't think that's too bad. I am not used to NOT going to the store every few days though. It's a good thing, but it's strange.

Funny Farm - as I mentioned, I lost my game. However, this may have been a good thing, because when I was going back through re-entering all of my info, I had a few new brainstorms, and I have now opened up all the windows. I've still got a lot of empty spots to figure out though. I now save the game religiously.

Also, as previously mentioned, I had some moles removed last Thursday. The doctor called me around 7:30 on Friday night. I panicked a bit, because what doctor is going to call you after hours unless it's bad news. I was wrong. Apparently this doctor was trying to prevent me from worrying about it all weekend and shared with me the good news that they were all benign. My head and back are healing REALLY well - my arm felt like it was on fire yesterday. It feels better today, but I wonder if it is getting infected. I will probably call the doctor's office today, just to run it by them.

Oh yes, I have decided that through October 31st, I will be posting one Halloween joke or riddle each day on Cachinnates. Honestly, the jokes will probably be pretty corny, but hopefully you'll enjoy a few of them!

Nothing else too exciting that I can think of at the moment. Unless you count dragging a reluctant Purple Dragon to preschool exciting.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bad News

Yesterday we took Lizzzie, our Intrepid, in for some brake work. We anticipated that she needed new brake pads or something along those lines and that it would cost about $100 - probably less. $500+ later, she is doing much better - but our wallets are not. Such is life.

The worst news, however, is what happened when I came down to my computer this morning to try to work on my 'Funny Farm' game. It's been going great - several squares completed, several almost completed, only 3 more squares to attempt to find my way into.

And Windows caused my computer to automatically shut down because it got a new update that 'required' it. No warning, no chance to save, nothing.

My game is basically gone. I attempted to locate it through history, and every other method that I can think of, but it's simply no use. It's almost 100% gone.

I'm sad. But I am NOT giving up.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We're So Loved!

I got a present in the mail today! It was from Dubby! And it was CHOCOLATE! Yum. From Belgium, no less! So it's even better than YUM. It's YUM-MY. LOL

There are 4 of these wonderful delicious chocolate bars, so I am thinking that I should probably share them with all members of our family.

What a wonderful treat! Thanks for thinking of us Dubby!


I went to the doctor this morning to have him look at some moles. I was particularly concerned about 1, he ended up removing 2 plus 1 weird thing from my head (no, it wasn't my brain). It was a little bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable, and I am suffering periodic pain from the wounds, but I am glad the moles are gone. The doctor will have the moles biopsied - just to be safe. I am, in all likelihood, perfectly fine, but I will be glad when the results are back.

Getting It Out...

Sometimes you've just gotta get it out - even if it's on your blog.

This morning King Isepik wasn't wearing his wedding ring. Not necessarily a problem, but I had a nagging feeling that maybe it was a type of revenge because I hadn't been wearing mine. The reason I hadn't been wearing mine was because I burned my finger badly the other night and it hurt a lot, so I took the ring off in case it was going to blister up. The only other times I don't wear it is when my hand/fingers swell up because it hurts like crazy.

Anyway, King Isepik, if I hurt your feelings because I wasn't wearing my ring, I'm sorry. That wasn't the intention. And at least now you know why I wasn't wearing it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow! I *AM* A Mormon!

According to the SelectSmart.com Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).

What do you believe? Visit

I found this 'Belief Selector' online and decided I had to try it. I tried to be very honest with my beliefs, rather than choosing answers that I thought my church believed. Ironically, my beliefs actually DO match my church's beliefs. Just thought it was interesting.

Much Ado About Nothing

Let's see, for the past two days I have spent a fair amount of time (though not all of it) playing the previously mentioned game. I now have access to 14 (UPDATE: 16) squares, but it is getting much, much harder. Still fun though!

The Pink Princess is back in school full time (vacation is over), and seems to be enjoying it. At home though, all she wants to do is have fun. No homework, no piano practicing, no jobs, just fun. I want to give up, but I won't, because I still have hopes of her being a happy, contributing member of society, or at least her family. :)

The Purple Dragon is still attending the neighborhood preschool (the one that had the time-out incident), but I am closely evaluating her. I attended her preschool on Monday (unexpectedly), and the teacher is really nice and organized. She seems to be really good with the kids, and has great lesson plans. The Purple Dragon was being a pill - she does not want to do what the class is doing most of the time. So I'm still not sure it's a good fit, but I'm trying it out through the end of the month. She seems to love her other preschool though, and her teachers told me today that she is really smart when it comes to numbers, which is what I expected all along. They said she is currently doing what the 4 year old class is typically doing about half-way through the year. She is in the 3 year old class. The Pink Princess is my reader, The Purple Dragon is my numbers girl -- though I have hopes that both of them will eventually enjoy both subjects -- but it's obvious where their strengths lie (for now!).

Earlier, I also wrote about the upcoming 300 millionth American being born. Of course there has been hubbub in Utah about Daniel Peterson possibly being that baby. This to me is simply ridiculous, but I wonder if I would be claiming the same thing if I had been the mother of this child. I am betting though, that it's not really the parents who claim this, it's the media, trying once again to make 'much ado about nothing.' I thought this was pretty cool though.

Oh yes, I forgot to answer a question from one of my readers. I believe it was in reference to my being in "The Sandlot." Yes, I was in the movie. But I'm not anyone famous. It just happened to be filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah and I was one of the extras. You can't see my face in the movie, but basically my entire backside takes up a large portion of the screen in one scene. It's where they are having the neighborhood picnic, and one of the 'stars' runs by me as he heads off to play with his friends. I am wearing a green and white checked dress (small print), and I have long brown hair. I haven't watched it for a while, so that's about all I can tell you. But I did get paid! Woohoo!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Time Waster Alert (but oh so much fun!)

I found a new game that is very challenging, but very fun. And it also tends to waste a lot of time. Basically your job is to link objects together. You are given one word to start (farm), and then you are on your own. There are 25 different catagories - I have made my way into 8 (UPDATE: 10) of them so far, and I've been playing on and off throughout the afternoon. There is a way that you can share your game with other players (basically merge them to share answers), but I'm not ready to do that yet.

But if you want to start your own game (and believe me, it's fun!), you should go here.

I wonder who will become as addicted as I am?

Just Us Four

I thought that this article about the 300 millionth American being born on Tuesday (at 7:46 am EST, no less) was interesting. That's a whole heck of a lot of people, and we're just a tiny family of four.

It's interesting though, when you start to think about what kind of influence one family can have on the world. Think about how many people you interact with every day. You begin to wonder what kind of effect a friendly greeting or just a smile might have on one single person. It brings to mind movies like "Pay It Forward" and the new TV show "Six Degrees".

How are you going to affect the world today?

Interesting side note: If you weren't aware, there's a game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - basically that any actor (possibly any person) can be linked to Kevin Bacon through a chain of six people. I'm pleased to announce that I have a Kevin Bacon number of 2. I was in "The Sandlot" with Karen Allen (the Mom), who was in "Animal House" with, you guessed it, Kevin Bacon. You can find your Kevin Bacon number at The Oracle of Bacon.

Friday, October 13, 2006


... do I do this to myself?

I have a hundred things to do today, but yet I am sitting at my computer playing with my blog. However, since I now have admitted to the world that I am wasting time, I am going to quickly finish this blog entry and get going on my pile of things to do.

First, if you are into "site feeds", I am pleased to announce that I now have one. I've never used them, I don't know much about them, I'm simply hoping that I set it up right, and that my readers who use them might consider adding me to their list of feeds. The subscription link can be found towards the bottom of my side bar. I thought about putting it at the top of my page, but I didn't like the way it looked. Maybe when I have more time to format it I'll move it. :)

Second, yesterday the girls and I went to Lagoon - our local amusement park. We were only there for about 3 hours, but that was enough. The girls were getting squabble-y, and King Isepik was at home cooking dinner for us, plus there was no way we could miss Survivor... so we came home. Annual passes to Lagoon were our family's Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad last year. I asked the girls if they would rather have toys or passes to Lagoon for Christmas this year - they chose the Lagoon passes, no debate at all.

Tonight, The King and I are going on a date to Lagoon. My parents are watching the kids. Now we get to ride all the 'big kid' rides that we normally can't go on, though The Pink Princess is proving herself to be quite the roller coaster fan. We're so proud!

Time for me to go! I've got to clean the kitchen, clean the family room, tidy the bathroom, tidy the girls' rooms, shop for a birthday present for one of The Princess' friends, take The Pink Princess and two friends to the birthday party, prepare dinner... and get ready for date night. And I've got about 4 hours to do most of it (before I have to take kids to the birthday party which will then take up the remainder of the afternoon). Yikes!

Wish me luck... :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And Then, Only 10 Minutes Later...

"Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy Moooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmy! I've been stung! It stung me!"

Yep, The Pink Princess got her first bee sting. While I was rushing to the first aid kit to find tweezers to pull the stinger out, I was also calling King Isepik to walk me through it. Turns out my instincts were right, but it was nice to have him on the phone to help me with it. She seems to be all better now, but likes to talk about it. She also got quite a bit of satisfaction knowing that the bee is now dead. Apparently she was rolling around on her large ball in the backyard, and placed her hand down on the grass on top of a bee who promptly stung her.

Oh the adventures!

Extra Nutrients

"Mommy! A bug just flew in my mouth so I spit him out and then I came in and I washed my tongue but I don't know if there are still germs in my mouth because he DIED in there."

My Life With The Pink Princess - Act 78, Scene 11

The Great Debate: Play-Doh Colors

I visited From Tracie today and read about her daughter who wasn't feeling very well and the resulting Play-Doh therapy.

This prompted a poll! (YAY POLLS!) It's nothing hi-tech, I wanted to keep it simple. If you want to expand on your vote, please come back and leave a comment. In fact, I encourage it.

Thanks, and have fun!

Play-Doh Colors: Do you mix them together or do you keep them separate?
I mix them together!
I keep them separate!
Create Free Polls

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Copy Cat, Copy Cat!

Ok, so I saw "johari" on Cathryn's Blog, who copied it from one of her friends's blogs, who probably copied it from someone else... but I think it's kinda cool. So I'm copying it.

So please take a few minutes to pick a few words that you think describe me. And be honest! Simply go here!


I've Got A Headache...

... and I should be in bed. But yet, I feel like I should write something, ANYTHING, just so you have something to read. :) An out-of-date blog is becoming depressing to me.

My Life: As much as the meal planning experience drove me nuts last week, I think I am enjoying the benefits. We've been eating fairly well, and it is definitely more enjoyable to cook when you actually have everything that you need to cook. But for the record, I still don't like cooking. I did drop the ball a little yesterday, so we had pizza. But that's ok - wanna know why? I planned for pizza in our meal planning. HA HA! I knew that I would drop the ball, and given the fact that I don't really like cooking, I figured I should throw in a day of freedom. Now I just need to make it 10 more days or so, before I can have 'planned' pizza again. :p

King Isepik's Life: Usually the best update for King Isepik's life can be found at his blog. He works hard. He also spent pretty much all day Saturday watching TV until I came and turned it off. LOL It's OK, he wasn't mad at me, and I wasn't mad at him. But boy, he watched a lot of TV that day! He also did some work on our Halloween decorations, and our front porch is starting to look kind-of cool, though I doubt we're the best dressed house in the neighborhood. I'll simply say that blacklights RULE.

The Pink Princess' Life: Strange week at school for her - MTW are all half days; no school on ThF. They are having SEP (Student, Educator, Parent) Conferences this week, and then it's UEA (some kind of conference for teachers). She's basically loving school because they are mostly having fun all week - though her teacher is doing a pretty good job at keeping them busy. I think they are mostly just enjoying the break from the regular routine. Her SEP Conference went well - her teacher says that she is doing very well in school and that she is SO quiet the teacher sometimes forgets she is there. If you've met The Princess, you are probably wondering how this could be possible. Yeah, we're wondering the same thing.

The Purple Dragon's Life: The Purple Dragon got conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) on Sunday. Her doctor phoned in a prescription for us, but, as you are probably aware, the treatment is EYE DROPS. The Dragon does not like this at all. We have to treat her 3 times a day for a week. I think she might be getting used to it, but there is still no joy in attempting to wrench her eyelids open while she screams like a banshee. King Isepik has been chief medicine-dropper-inner while I have been something more along the lines of a cheerleader-soother. I think we will ALL be glad when this is over. She did get to go to preschool today though, and had great fun making an Ostrich and an Owl. I will try to post pictures of them later this week - they are quite cute.

That's all, folks!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I Don't Like J.K. Rowling Very Much Right Now

I just finished reading the 6th Harry Potter book today (The Half-Blood Prince). Yes, I know it came out over a year ago, but we didn't get our hands on it until recently, and since I bought it, I got to read it first. :)

Since King Isepik hasn't read it, please don't spoil it for him.

I must say that this was probably my favorite book so far, BUT, I'm still not terribly fond of J.K. Rowling at the moment. If you've read it, you probably know why.

And now, dang it all, I have to wait for Book 7 to come out.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The World

I just heard that North Korea is testing a nuclear weapon.

I don't know what I think or feel about this.

I just feel numb. And a little bit of a shock that the world can change so rapidly.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oooh... scribbling!

The Big Red Button (you know you want too...)

More Games at arcadecabin.com | Cool Generators

Starting Over!

Yesterday my house was driving me nuts. It was a huge mess, I'm sure King Isepik couldn't stand it either, and I just had to make an attempt at cleaning it up.

I focused primarily upstairs because one, it's easier for me, and two, the walking conditions were the worst in The Purple Dragon's room, and three, I'd like for our room to be, well, our room - not a repository for other junk.

I worked hard on sorting clothes, putting away clothes, trying clothes on The Purple Dragon, tossing junky toys (SHHHHH!), straightening good toys, washing sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, etc.

At 6:30 this morning, The Pink Princess comes and wakes us up to tell us that The Purple Dragon has had an accident. Murphy's Law, right? Not only that, but her 'accident' also involved a bloody nose. Blood and urine everywhere. Ewww. I felt bad for my little girl! Of course, I KNEW this was going to happen; it's kinda like washing your car - it's either gonna rain, or a flock of birds is going to use your car for target practice.

At least she got clean sheets to sleep on for one night! (And yes, again tonight, her bed was stripped and remade with the bare minimums - I'm not that cruel! Geesh!)

Poor King Isepik! He stayed up until 3 something doing something - WoW, maybe? I'm not really sure. He woke me up when he came into the bedroom (I'm not complaining), but I saw him all dressed and I couldn't figure out where he was going at 3 AM. I finally realized he wasn't 'going' anywhere... except to bed. He was kind enough to get up and wash The Dragon off so I could focus on the bedding. It went much faster that way! He's probably wishing he hadn't stayed up quite so late now. But, he did go back to bed. As for me, I'm here typing on my blog. But I went to bed at about 10:30, and I usually have to wake up at 6:15 in the morning - so unfortunately, I'm kind of used to this. Maybe I'll get to sleep in tomorrow!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Time Flies...

when you're overwhelmed!

I mean, when you're having fun! Right? That's it, I've just been having way too much fun, and that would explain why suddenly it's Friday. Yeah, right.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I've been trying to get things back on track. One of my new routines, thanks to my friend Julie, is trying to do grocery shopping twice a month, with the exception of milk and bread of course. Here's what I've learned:

1. I expect this might change, but I do not particularly enjoy meal planning.
2. When you actually plan for meals, you should also probably plan for side dishes.
3. I did not plan for any side dishes - what's wrong with canned fruit and veggies?
4. When you go on a shopping trip of this size, you should not bring children.
5. Stick to one store - no matter what.
6. OK - one grocery type store, and Costco - which is in a class all by itself.

All in all, I think this really might become a new habit for me. I spent less than I thought -- all together I spent $250, but this also included approximately $40 of 'play stuff' (halloween supplies and stuff), and probably another $30 or so of things like toilet paper, toothpaste and cleaning supplies that needed to be replenished. So $180 to feed a family of 4 for approximately 15 days equals $1 per person per meal. I don't know if that's fantastic or not, but I do know it beats eating out. :)

The Pink Princess would like to be a bird for Halloween. She got a bird costume in Fall of 2004, and she wore it for Halloween that year, Halloween the following year, and wants to wear it again this year. I have a mix of pity and pride for the girl, who reasons "Well, it still fits, so I should wear it again, right?" I mean, it's good and all to make do with what we have, but it's Halloween - and I love Halloween - and if she wants a new costume, a new costume she shall have. But she doesn't. She wants to be a bird - and that's OK with me - as long as it's what she REALLY wants to be. I don't want her being a bird because she thinks she HAS to be a bird because we can't get her a new costume. We CAN get her a new costume, it's not an issue. Does this even make sense???

The Purple Dragon was of the same frame of mind about her costume. She was a puppy last year, and The Pink Princess was the same puppy three years before that. And of course, she wanted to be a puppy again. But then, OH JOY, she saw a dragon costume at the store, and she just HAD to be a dragon. Her friend Sam has a dragon costume that she always attempts to squeeze into every time she goes to his house to play, and she LOVES it. So now she has a dragon costume of her own - and even though it was probably designed for boys, she looks quite adorable in it.

Here's a funny from a week or two ago. King Isepik was helping The Pink Princess with her homework, and while I don't quite remember what the homework was, he was trying to get her to come up with two types of people: boys and girls. The Pink Princess was really struggling with this (overthinking the problem I guess), and just didn't have a clue what King Isepik was fishing for. She finally shouted out... "I KNOW! There's JEWISH people and then there's... " She never got to finish the sentence because The King and I were dying with laughter. I'm pretty willing to bet that the end of the sentence was going to be Mormons or LDS people though.

It's been a fairly dreary week here - not raining all the time - but lots of cloud cover. Where's the sun?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting Back On Track...

The month of August wiped me out because of my battle with Bronchitis. September felt like I was just trying to catch up or figure out what was going on. It's all been a blur.

Today I felt completely out of whack, very far behind, and pretty much overwhelmed and hopeless. So instead of sitting around bemoaning my situation, I made an attempt to make a dent in all the papers that surround my desk, mostly trying desperately to figure out which bills needed to be paid in some kind of prioritized order.


On top of it all, I attempted to get the safety and emissions inspection done for one of our vehicles, but couldn't find the registration. Hours of searching later - guess where it was? In the glove compartment of the car. Yep, right where it should be. But somehow it got stuck in a folder containing our insurance papers that we've been instructed to keep in the car (it's a copy). BLAH.

Bottom line is, I do feel a little bit better, because I have a much better idea of where we stand financially. Let's just say I took a few steps back from the edge of the cliff called despair. I am, however, hoping that perhaps a very tentative prospect of a job promotion in King Isepik's future pans out. The resulting paycheck would be very nice. :)

Speaking of The King - did you know he's awesome? While his diploma hasn't arrived yet - it's supposed to arrive in 6-8 weeks - he HAS graduated (yep, it's official!) and it's of MAY 2006. We were told it was going to be an August or possibly even December graduation date. So that rocks. King Isepik's a college graduate! WOOHOO!

Hm... anything else? Oh yes, today was school picture day for The Pink Princess - loads of fun. She looked really cute when I dropped her off at school, but they had recess before they had their pictures taken. :0 She assured me that she didn't run. Poor girl!

Oh yes, and yesterday I acquired (with The King's assistance) 4 free tickets to see Disney on Ice in November. YAY! I love free tickets.

OK, I've got a headache now and a HUGE to-do list for tomorrow, so I am going to bed. G'night all.

P.S. Gail - the title is now a link back to the main page, per your request! :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Last But Not Least...

It's fundraiser time at The Pink Princess' school again. I sent some of you an email "invite" to help with the fundraiser, but I want to emphasize that I do not EXPECT you to. I tried to write a note that got sent out with the email (the company sends the email for me), but they limited how long my message could be. BLAH.

So the point is this: Yes, it's that time of year again. The Pink Princess' school is selling Sally Foster products, and the school will receive 50% of the purchase price. The Pink Princess will also get a collection of little prizes depending on how many items are purchased (dollar amount doesn't matter). I LOVE their wrapping paper - it's high quality stuff. Really cute designs too. BUT, if this is not your thing, I don't expect you to order just to help her school out. I'm just throwing it out there in case you are interested. It's your FRIENDSHIP that I value - not whether or not you choose to help out with fundraisers.

One more note, if you live local to us, give me a call with your order. They will send it to the school (no shipping charges), and The Princess will bring it home so we can deliver it to you.



This is for Cathryn Ooo Shiny Lint Monkey... trust me, you need to see this.

Lessons From The Scrapbook Page

The entire thing is good and thought provoking, but once you read the first couple of sentences you should understand why I had to tell you about it!

Happy October!

It's here! I love October. Maybe because it's my birthday month. Maybe because it's just the most awesome month of the year. Beautiful days, beautiful leaves, cool nights, gorgeous moon, smokey fall smells... I dunno, it's just wonderful. I love it. Plus, since it is now October, I can decorate for Halloween!

Yesterday King Isepik, The Pink Princess and I got to go see 'Beauty and the Beast' at Hale Centre Theatre. It was a wonderful production, superbly done, and lots of fun. I think our favorite part was definitely 'Be Our Guest' they even had a fountain that shot water across the stage. It was fantastic. One of the reasons we love this theatre is because there isn't a bad seat in the house - it's a smaller stage, and all the seats circle around it. But pretty much wherever you sit, you can see it all. And to top it off, we had front row seats. It was great!

The Purple Dragon was too young to attend, so she got to go play with Uncle T, his girlfriend K, and his two dogs, Sasha and Scooter. She had a great time jumping on the trampoline, watching 'Ice Age', making puppies out of pom-poms, chasing the dogs, and drawing.

We joined them for dinner after the play. It was a very fun evening - lots of fun just telling jokes and chatting in general. What a great day!

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